Buying a home

Our promise to buyers:

Our team strives to give you the best of the best. In the years that we've spent in the industry, homebuyers have always asked us “What do I need to do when I buy a house?” We’ve composed a simple step-by-step guide that organizes the buying process to make buying a house simple and fun!

STEP 1 Determining Individual Needs

We’ll start with a comprehensive interview needs assessment so we can learn more about your situation, where you are in the home-buying process, and how we can support your journey.


STEP 2 | Find your home & make an offer

There are many ways of finding that dream home! First, you have to make sure you are also financially ready with a budget.

Once you’ve found the house that you are set on, it’s time to make an offer. Not all offers are the same and here’s where your real estate agent comes in. They will help you with specific terms and conditions that will be specified in the offer like the price you want to pay, financing conditions, or other things like inclusions and exclusions.


STEP 3 | Closing With 100% Confidence

The sellers accepted your offer, and the home is going through appraisal and inspection. The appraisal guarantees the price matches the condition of the property, while the inspection makes sure everything in the home is functioning properly with no major issues.

Closing includes going through all the final paperwork. We'll make this as painless as possible so you can get ready to celebrate your new home!


Ready to find your dream home?

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